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Sound & innovative business decisions are imperative to reviving the Public Sector to move from status quo & dinosaur methodologies to more efficient concepts. Our cities, states, municipalities, & financial institutions are looking at each segment of functionality to determine how to remove expense laden non-essential spending from their programs. With budgets & jobs under the microscope, doesn’t it make sense to start with assessment of organization & / or redundancy in purchasing? Would it make sense to create a system that allows visibility across the breadth of an organization in lieu of segregating department ordering for reduction in oversights?

The American Solution ~

Many opportunities are available through the expertise & personalized attention of Erik Bataille, with the foresight of the “big picture” from his experiences helping large enterprise organizations with specialized solutions. Erik is no stranger to sitting on a board or working side-by-side with upper management to assess current protocol & offer suggestions for improvement in purchasing projects. With the 900+ country wide alliances for production of anything in print, it is hard to compete with the variety, quality, & price concessions that American can bring to the table. Distribution & strategic Warehousing locations is another valuable asset that can provide huge benefits to Government entities that order large quantities or repeat items. American also embraces technology which allows us to provide password sensitive catalog ordering processes that can actually produce reports to track spending patterns within departments.

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