With the flurry of choices an educated consumer has for their leisure time experiences, it pays “3” fold to partner with a broker that not only tackles your image branding products, either by working alongside your Advertising Agency, or by helping you connect with a Design Team. In addition, American can also develop your operating materials & your professional wear. Whether your business model is a hotel, restaurant, bed & breakfast, movie theater, or pet boarding lounge; your purchasing events can mean the difference between a profit or liability deficit.

Let’s make this process a profit, by closing in on high costs across the board with Erik Bataille at American Solutions for Business. Erik can organize all your functions in one Custom E-Catalog site personalized for your ordering needs. With this feature, your firm can consolidate those little “onesy-twosy” orders into a large discounted offering. With the wholesale arrangements Erik has at his fingertips, quality does not have to be sacrificed for the materials you require to impress your audiences. Warehousing large orders for future dispersal is another value that can save your firm cash & time. We specialize in businesses that have multiple locations along with the Mom & Pop specialties.

Ideas for items that an establishment can gain huge discounts for by working with a Broker that has “purchasing power” are:

  • Menus & Inserts
  • Aprons / Uniforms / Hats
  • Banners / Signage
  • Bags / Cups / To Go Containers
  • Informational Flyers / Brochures
  • Business / Questionnaire Cards
  • Coloring Books / Child Giveaways
  • Fridge Magnets / Calendars / Pens / Check Presenters / Luggage ID
  • Embroidered Accessories
  • Engraved Glassware

Give us an opportunity to bid on your next project. Compare us with your current vendor.

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